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37-year-old Sotero Salas-Ruiz was arrested on January 9, 2020 while he was trying to enter the United States illegally in Texas.

Sotero is an illegal immigrant who was convicted of Indecent Liberties with a Child in Charlotte, NC over 10 years ago.

The January 2020 arrest occurred during the morning when Border Patrol agents encountered Sotero near State Highway 83 north of Laredo, Texas. During investigation, records checks revealed that Sotero was a Mexican national and was in the country illegally.

It was also determined that Sotero had a prior conviction for Indecent Liberties with a Child and Driving Under the Influence from February 2009 out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Upon agents learning the aforementioned information about Sotero, he was then charged with Illegal Entry into the United States and will remain in U.S. Border Patrol custody pending his extradition to North Carolina.