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On Thursday May 16, federal agents observed a man with his 3-month-old baby strapped to his chest on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande River preparing to cross in Eagle Pass, Texas.

The agents called out to the man warning him of the danger and persuaded him not to attempt to cross the river. The man left the area, only to return a short time later with an inner tube, which he used to attempt to cross the river with the infant again strapped to his chest.

Both were quickly swept away downriver as agents moved into position in their patrol boat to perform a rescue. The agents noticed that the baby submerged under water several times while the man struggled to stay afloat. Agents quickly pulled both on board their vessel and transported them to shore.

The Eagle Pass Fire Department EMT personnel examined the infant at the scene. Concerns with the health of the 3-month-old boy and the possibility of water in his lungs prompted EMTs to take him to the local hospital. The child was later flown to a children’s hospital San Antonio for more intensive care.

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The man, a 26-year-old Honduran national, was previously deported and removed from the United States in 2016. He faces a charge of 8 USC §1326 – reentry after deportation.