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On September 1, 2021, a man died as he tried to scale the United States border wall near Winterhaven, CA. A Border Patrol Agent was flagged down by an undocumented migrant stating a man fell off the International Border Barrier which is approximately 30 feet tall. 


Authorities responded to the area and located a male citizen of Mexico lying on the ground on the west side of the border wall. Emergency medical services was requested. Medical personnel responded to the location but were unable to get to the man due to a locked gate on a county road. A Border Patrol agent with a key to the gate responded and finally unlocked the gate.

Due to a emergency vehicle not able to drive through the small gate, officials carried the man on a back board for approximately one mile to a location where medical personnel were awaiting. 

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The man was then transported to a hospital in Goodyear, AZ. The man underwent surgery for his injuries sustained from the fall and was placed in a recovery room. 

Hours later medical personnel declared the man deceased.