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U.S. Border Patrol Agents working in Texas arrested a previously-deported felon near an immigration checkpoint within the United States.

September 6, 2019, agents assigned to the Ysleta Border Patrol Station in Texas spotted two vehicles attempting to circumvent the immigration checkpoint located at Highway 62/180. After a brief pursuit, Ysleta Station agents stopped both vehicles in order to perform immigration inspections. Seven suspects from both vehicles attempted to flee and six were eventually taken into custody.

During processing at Ysleta Border Patrol Station, agents identified 43-year-old Mario Aristides Rivas-Marquez, a Salvadorian national, as a previously deported felon.

Rivas-Marquez had been charged with multiple related sex offenses against a victim less than 13 years old and was convicted of five counts of indecent liberties. Sentenced to 50 years in prison, Rivas-Marquez was granted a 48-year suspended sentence under stipulation that he never return to the United States, or he would immediately be returned to prison to serve the remaining 48 years of his sentence.

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Rivas Marquez is currently in custody pending criminal prosecution for 8 USC 1326 (re-entry after removal) and other criminal proceedings.