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Tucson, Arizona Border Patrol agents arrested a previously deported sex offender on July 27, 2019 after he re-entered the United States illegally through the desert. The suspect is identified as Pedro Nolasco-Garcia, 52.

Agents patrolling west of Lukeville, Arizona arrested a group of Guatemalan and Honduran nationals in the pre-dawn hours. The group of 16 men, women, and children surrendered to Border Patrol agents after they illegally entered the country through an area without a pedestrian barrier.

Agents conducting criminal database checks learned that Pedro a Guatemalan national traveling with the women and children, was convicted of Lewd or Lascivious Conduct and Failure to register as a Sex Offender on July 31, 2015, in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Pedro is a felon and reentered the USA after prior deportation, will face federal prosecution for immigration violations.

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All persons apprehended by the Border Patrol undergo criminal history checks using biometrics to ensure illegal immigrants with criminal histories are positively identified.