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There is a heightened level of stress and anxiety for illegal immigrants in Charlotte, NC. ICE has had consistent immigration raids and arrest in and around the Charlotte area. The suspects pictured were all arrested for immigration violations, and all face possible deportation. Some were arrested at Moes Southwest Grill restaurant.

An Asian woman was even arrested on immigration charges during a prostitution sting that she was busted in at VIP Spa located in Charlotte.

ICE has promised to get more aggressive, and Deputy Director Thomas Homan has said he wants to ramp up work site enforcement.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued the following joint statement:

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> “Certain facts remain: The American people gave this administration a mandate to end the lawlessness at the border, and President Trump is keeping his promise to do exactly that. Our message has been clear all along: Do not risk your own life or the life of your child by attempting to enter the United States illegally. Apply lawfully and wait your turn."

In October several Latino men were arrested on a construction site in Charlotte while they were working.