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Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE is on a ferocious mission to arrest any illegal immigrant in the United States. Countless arrest have been made by the thousands nationwide.

All of those seen here have been arrested by ICE in Charlotte, NC, caught up in a web of inevitable swift deportation.

ICE raids will increase and magnify now that Sheriff Garry McFadden was sworn into office this week. Sheriff McFadden has vowed to end the 287 (G) program. The program places undocumented immigrant arrestees in automatic ICE custody.

Immigrant arrestees can be released if they bond out of jail.

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But without the program ICE has to go out into the community and workplace to arrest illegal immigrants in large raids.  

The Department of Homeland Security issued this statement:

"Establishing the immigration system demanded of our political leaders by the American people for more than 30 years—one that serves the national interest—will allow our nation to further realize the foundation of freedom, safety, and prosperity we inherited from our Founders.”