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Border Patrol agents prevented a human smuggling attempt following a smuggler’s reckless act near a city park in Laredo, Texas.

The incident began during the late afternoon of September 15, 2020 when agents acted on a report of several individuals crossing the Rio Grande River into Father McNaboe Park.  Agents observed a white pickup truck attempt to pick up the individuals and abscond from the area. 3 individuals were quickly apprehended before they could get into the vehicle.

The vehicle traveled west and came to a stop in an attempt to bailout. As agents approached, the driver and individuals loaded back into the vehicle in an effort to avoid apprehension. The driver drove into a nearby commercial yard and recklessly drove off a washout and fled the area on foot.

Agents apprehended two more individuals at the accident site who required medical attention. Emergency Medical Services were requested to transport one of them to the nearest hospital due to injuries sustained in the accident. All individuals were determined to be in the United States illegally and from the country of Mexico. The vehicle was impounded by the Laredo Police Department.

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