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U.S. Border Patrol and the Webb County Constables Office closed down multiple stash houses in Laredo, Texas.

The incident began during the early morning of July 23, 2020 when agents were conducting surveillance of two possible stash houses. Agents encountered an individual at one of the residences who was determined to be illegally in the United States from the country of Mexico. 

A subsequent search of the second residence, led to the discovery of a U.S. citizen and an El Salvadoran national who was also in the country illegally. All three individuals were arrested pending further investigation. 

Later that same morning, Border Patrol agents performed a welfare check at a residence. When the knock on the door was answered, numerous individuals were observed sitting on the floor. Investigation revealed that the individuals, 26 in all, were in the United States illegally from the countries of Mexico and Honduras. They were taken into custody by U.S. Border Patrol. 

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