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A new border wall 107 miles long has finished construction. The new border wall is in Yuma, Arizona and was completed in January 2021.

The construction took a hubbub of semi-trucks, bulldozers, excavators and the like to build the border wall. Massive hauling, trenching, and moving along the southwest border was apparent while building the 107-mile wall that spans across the Yuma Sector area.

There are still some remaining security measures to be put in place, such as adding gates, lighting, cameras and a ground detection system. The last panel of fencing was placed on December 21, 2020 putting an end to a year-and-a-half-long effort to further secure the international border.

Work on the 18 to 30 foot high bollard style wall began in May of 2019 to replace existing outdated or dilapidated barriers along the border from as far west as Andrade, California. Fencing was also erected in areas where the Colorado River previously served as a natural divider. 

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The height of the new wall dwarfs all pre-existing fencing to serve as a deterrent to potential illegal border crossers and drug smugglers. The new fencing also offers a clear viewpoint to the south side into Mexico, providing additional safeguards for agents who were unable to see beyond what was once solid panel-style fencing in some areas.

The Special Operations Supervisor for Yuma Vincent Dulesky says:

“The Yuma area was an area of high illegal entries being guided by transnational criminal organizations who exploited and took advantage of our outdated and even dilapidated infrastructure. Now we have this new Border Wall, combined with extra technology that will enable the Yuma Sector to maintain operational control.”