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On August 21, 2019 North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed a immigration bill known as House Bill 370. The bill is titled "An Act to Require Compliance with Immigration Detainers and Administrative Warrants".

Just days later on August 24 President Trump slammed Gov. Cooper's decision to veto the immigration bill.

The immigration bill would of required North Carolina sheriffs to comply with ICE requests to hold illegal immigrants in jail for at least 48 hours until ICE determines what to do with the suspects. Detainers are not required by law and are voluntary.

Of course it is sad to see someone get deported, but it is the law!

Not honoring ICE immigration detainers sends dangerous criminals back onto the street. A illegal immigrant accused of raping a minor was released from the Mecklenburg County Jail in Charlotte, NC due to Sheriff Garry McFadden refusing to cooperate with ICE. McFadden makes the wrong decisions on immigration, yet he expects to get re-elected as sheriff.

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President Trump sent a tweet on Twitter:

North Carolina Governor Cooper Vetoed a Bill that would have required Sheriffs to cooperate with Ice. This is a terrible decision for the great people of North Carolina. He should reverse his decision and get back to the basics of fighting crime!

President Trump is committed to constructing a border wall and ensuring the swift removal of illegal immigrants.

Gov. Cooper shared the following statement on his veto of the immigration bill known as House Bill 370:

"This legislation is simply about scoring partisan political points and using fear to divide North Carolina. As the former top law enforcement officer of our state, I know that current law allows the state to jail and prosecute dangerous criminals regardless of immigration status. This bill, in addition to being unconstitutional, weakens law enforcement in North Carolina by mandating sheriffs to do the job of federal agents, using local resources that could hurt their ability to protect their counties. Finally, to elevate their partisan political pandering, the legislature has made a sheriff’s violation of this new immigration duty as the only specifically named duty violation that can result in a sheriff’s removal from office."