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Within hours of each other on June 2, 2021 Border Patrol agents shut down three stash houses and apprehended 182 undocumented immigrants in Laredo, Texas.

Santa Maria

The first incident occurred when law enforcement officers received information regarding a possible stash house. Agents, along with law enforcement conducted a search of the property and discovered 54 undocumented immigrants from the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Honduras in the U.S. illegally.

The second stash house was found within the same hour when agents responded to a request for assistance from police with a possible stash house. Agents apprehended 66 undocumented immigrants from the countries of Mexico and Guatemala.

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While agents were preoccupied at the previous property, they received a report of a third stash house nearby. 

Law enforcement officers responded to a residence where they encountered multiple people attempting to abscond from the house. Agents secured the scene and apprehended 62 undocumented immigrants from the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

The individuals from all the stash houses were not wearing Coronavirus personal protective equipment when they were found. The individuals were provided masks and were medically screened and then processed accordingly.