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Illegal immigrants constantly try to get into the United States by any means necessary

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the marine unit rescued five illegal immigrants as they attempted to cross the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass, Texas on March 15, 2020.

Border Patrol agents performing maritime operations observed a family attempting to cross into the USA at the Rio Grande River near the Eagle Pass Port of Entry. As the individuals were wading across the swift-water current, agents noticed several family members struggling to stay afloat. 

The agents quickly maneuvered their patrol boat to pull the family safely aboard.

After the safe and successful rescue, an EMT agent was standing by to evaluate the Honduran family, which consisted of a father, mother, two daughters and a son. No further medical attention was required. All members of the family were transported to the Eagle Pass Processing Center and processed for illegal immigration violations as per Border Patrol guidelines.

Del Rio Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Doyle E. Amidon, Jr. says:

There are many dangers associated with crossing the Rio Grande River illegally. These situations can be avoided by pursuing more appropriate and legal pathways for entry into the United States. If our agents had not reacted in time, this family could have drowned.”

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Legal pathways without money is nearly impossible.Too much red tape. And if you have money, you’re not desperate to leave your country looking for work or safety. Work visas should be easier to obtain=fewer ppl risking their lives, fewer resources spent on these rescues, more tax money coming in from these workers and their employers. Win win