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Early Tuesday April 23, Border Patrol agents working near Brownsville, Texas, observed multiple suspected illegal aliens walking north towards a cornfield near the intersection of Southmost Boulevard and Southpoint Road after they entered the United States illegally.

As agents attempted to intercept the group, the suspected illegal aliens scattered in the overgrown field. Agents requested the assistance of a Border Patrol K-9 team in an attempt to search the field and, in the process, located a child who was alone and crying.

Agents attempted to locate the child’s parents in the surrounding area of the field to no avail. The young child did not speak well enough to communicate, but had his name and a phone number written on his shoes.

The child was transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation, he was found to be in good condition and released to the Border Patrol. At the station, additional attempts to locate the child’s family were unsuccessful.

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A Fort Brown Supervisory Border Patrol agent purchased clothing for the child and fellow agents entertained the youth, watching movies and playing games. The child was taken to the Centralized Processing Center and remains under the care of contracted child care workers assigned to the center.

The child will be turned over to the custody of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which is the protocol when apprehending unaccompanied children.