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6-month-old Grayson Fleming Gray was shot and killed on January 24, 2022 during a drive-by shooting in Atlanta, GA. DeQuasie Little, 22, is charged with murdering the baby.

DeQuasie Little and Grayson Fleming Gray

DeQuasie Little and Grayson Fleming Gray

2 vehicles began shooting at each other in Atlanta traffic during the afternoon. As the gunfire was exchanged a stray bullet struck Grayson while he was in his baby seat in the back of a third vehicle unrelated to the dispute between the drive-by shooting.

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The suspect vehicles then sped off. Grayson's mother rushed to the back seat to check on her son, but he was bleeding and slumped over. Paramedics responded to the shooting.

Baby Grayson was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries. Baby Grayson was not the intended target.

DeQuasie was charged with aggravated assault and felony murder.