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The Deans Italian Steakhouse scored an poor 87.50 B on a food safety inspection on February 2, 2022. The restaurant is located at the brand new JW Marriott luxury hotel on 600 South College Street Charlotte, NC.

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The pre-shucked oysters had to be thrown away because they did not have any shell stock tags on them. The oysters did not have date marks either. 

The bar dish machine did not have any chlorine sanitizer inside of it. Hence, any dishes washed in it were not being sanitized or cleaned appropriately. Dish machines not having sanitizer is unsafe during the Coronavirus pandemic, or at anytime.

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Whipped unsalted butter was held out at room temperature over night, the inspector had the butter thrown away.

Several food selections were 7 days out of date and had to be thrown away, they included: hot pickled onions, mornay, jalapeño relish, and artichoke cream.

Reduced oxygen packaged chicken and beef were outdated from January 2022 and had to be discarded.

There were no consumer advisory disclosures/asterisks for pampered eggs, smoked salmon, flat iron wagyu, and scallops on various menus.