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On January 12, 2022 a detention officer at the Mecklenburg Jail in Charlotte, NC was arrested and fired, accused of giving contraband to an inmate. The jail guard is identified as Marc Antoine, 33, he formerly lived in Queens, New York before moving to Charlotte.

Marc Antoine

Marc Antoine

Marc is accused of providing contraband to an inmate. The county jail was made aware of an alleged smuggling situation and opened an investigation into allegations against Marc.

The investigation led to Marc being in alleged violation of North Carolina General Statutes against furnishing poison, controlled substances, deadly weapons, cartridges, ammunition or alcoholic beverages to inmates of charitable, mental or penal institutions or local confinement facilities; furnishing tobacco products including vapor products; or furnishing mobile phones to inmates or delinquent juveniles.

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Per the investigation, Marc was terminated on January 12, 2022. Warrants were issued for the arrest of Marc. The county jail hired Marc in April 2021.

Marc was arrested and charged with providing tobacco/vapor to inmate, providing contraband to inmate, and providing phone to inmate.

The Mecklenburg County Jail is already in hot water after state officials said the jail is overcrowded with a COVID-19 outbreak.