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Abigail Bieber, 30, was murdered by Daniel Leyden. Both Abigail and Daniel were deputies with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. The murder was on January 29, 2022 in St. Augustine, FL. The two were in a dating relationship. 

Abigail Bieber

Abigail Bieber

An investigation is underway in the death of two Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office deputies whose bodies were discovered at a vacation rental home located in St. Augustine, FL.

Deputy Abigail and Daniel were heard arguing in a bedroom by fellow deputies on vacation with them just prior to the sound of gunshots. Once the shots were fired, the other deputies bust through the door to find Abigail and Daniel dead.

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Deputy Abigail and Daniel were discovered with fatal gunshot wounds. The preliminary investigation indicates that Deputy Daniel shot and killed Deputy Abigail and then shot and killed himself.

The gunshot wound to Deputy Daniel was self inflicted and he was the sole shooter. Detective Daniel was a detective and worked within the criminal investigations division.