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It has been 1 year since 31-year-old Malikah Bennett was arrested and charged with murdering her own daughter Mejelic Sandez Young, 4, on Braden Drive Charlotte, NC. Mejelic was found dead and buried under ground. Mejelic's grandmother Tammy Moffett was arrested later in the investigation.

Malikah Bennett and Mejelic Sandez Young

Malikah Bennett and Mejelic Sandez Young

Malikah was arrested on May 21, 2021. Malikah allegedly made her 13-year-old daughter help bury little sweet Mejelic in the ground.

Mejelic had lived with her mother, Malikah Bennett and seven other children in the home on Braden Drive.

In or around August-September 2020 Malikah forced Mejelic to stand in the laundry room as punishment for defecating in her pants, warrants say.

Mejelic was made by her mother to stand in the room for 3 days without sitting down or leaving, according to the warrant. Mejelic's breathing was on and off by the third day.

Mejelic eventually got too weak and fell out the back door, hitting her head on the hard ground.

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This is not the first time Malikah has been charged with child abuse.

Malikah washed Mejelic and placed her body in two black plastic trash bags, according to the warrant.

Malikah then put Mejelic's body in the trunk of a SUV, warrants say. Authorities say Mejelic's dead body remained in the SUV for five days. The smell became so bad that Malikah drove the SUV to go buy a shovel at the store, all while Mejelic's dead body was in the vehicle, warrants say.

Afterwards Malikah is accused of making her 13-year-old daughter bury a hole and place Mejelic's dead body in the ground. Mejelic stayed in the ground for months.

Family and Mejelic's father grew concerned and constantly reached out to Malikah, but she ignored them. Police finally got search warrants to dig in the backyard of the home; they eventually dug deep enough to find Mejelic in the ground decomposed.

Malikah was arrested and charged with murder on the same day Mejelic was found dead by police. Malikah's mother and Mejelic's grandmother was arrested weeks later and charged with accessory after the fact and dead body related charges. 

Malikah has been in jail ever since.