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On May 20, 2022 Michael Hill, 54, was convicted of murdering 23-year-old Keonna Graham in Shallotte, NC. Michael won $10 million in the 2017 North Carolina Education Lottery.

(LEFT): Michael Hill (MIDDLE): Keonna Graham

(LEFT): Michael Hill (MIDDLE): Keonna Graham

Michael became a multi-millionaire in August 2017 after he scratched off a $10 million lottery ticket and won. But in July 2020 Michael was arrested charged with the murder of Keonna.

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Michael and Keonna were in a romantic relationship. The two had got a hotel room together in Shallotte. Prosecutors say Michael discovered that Keonna was texting other men, and became infuriated, hence shooting Keonna in the head on the bed inside the hotel room.  

Prosecutors say Michael left the hotel without checking out. When hotel staff recognized that no one checked out of Michael's room, maid staff went to the room and knocked on the door.

No one came to the door, so hotel staff used a key to enter and found Keonna dead on the bed. 911 was called. Police reviewed security footage and said that Michael was the only one in the room with Keonna.  

Michael was arrested the next day, and after nearly 2 years later, he was convicted by a jury of murdering Keonna. Michael was sentenced to life in prison.