Top: Victoria Martens Bottom: Michelle Martens, Center: Fabian Gonzales, Right: Jessica Kelle

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A 10-year-old girl contracted an STD by no fault of her own, she was raped and her dumb mother watched it

Victoria Martens is the 10-year-old New Mexico girl who was raped and killed as her mother allegedly watched in August 2016. Victoria was strangled to death on her birthday before her remains were mutilated.

Now a new autopsy released in March 2020 shows that Victoria had an sexually transmitted disease. Michelle Martens, Fabian Gonzales and, Jessica Kelley, are the main suspects in the 10-year-old girl’s death. Michelle is the victim's mother.

Victoria’s body showed signs of sexual abuse prior to her death. She also tested positive for human papillomavirus — also known as HPV — a sexually transmitted disease.

In August 2016 Victoria was raped, strangled, also her body was dismembered and burned. The autopsy says Victoria had multiple abrasions and contusions to her head and neck, and her spine had been fractured. Some of her organs, including her heart, had been removed from her body, and were found in a plastic bag in a laundry basket at the crime scene.

Fabian raped Victoria while Jessica held her hand over the girl's mouth; all while Michelle watched. Michelle stated she got sexual gratification by watching her daughter get raped.

Fabian then had sex with Victoria again after she was killed. Fabian and Jessica have already plead guilty or been convicted. Victoria's trial remains pending.

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This judge should not be on this case his ruling is redicilious, and further more they should all get what they done to Victoria, I have one? For that judge how would you have ruled if that was your Granddaughter, or your daughter? No give me this shit it would not ever be, I don't know how you sleep at night or how any of you do for that matter and how can you look at your selves in the mirror? Knowing what you did and how you handled this case! There is a special Hell for each one of you I hope you enjoy it


I swear I hope yalll get raped and raped and more raped in prison. I pray that the other inmates that have nothing to lose find out what you did to this baby and do all yall a very horrible injustice. yall are the most disgusting people on earth. This child was tortured, raped, mutilated, and yall gave the baby HPV... My heart aches for her soul. I pray to the MOST HIGHEST SPIRIT for yall to suffer all day everyday for the rest of your lives without getting committed to mental health. I pray for that little girl to haunt your souls and torture your mind. I pray you hear: every scream, every time she begged for yall to stop, every word she said to yall. I pray all you see is her face everytime you close your eyes, even when you blink! Karma is REAL and I am sure ther prison system have some set aside especially for yall.