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11-year-old Romello Wilcox was killed while trying to get away from a fight between two other kids on December 5, 2019 on Rama Road Charlotte, NC. An 11-year-old juvenile male and a 12-year-old juvenile female have now been arrested in this case.

Romello was hit and killed by a vehicle near McClintock Middle School while he was out with his siblings for his brother's 14th birthday around 6 in the evening. Romello enjoyed hanging out with his older brothers. Romello attended McClintock Middle School.

A physical altercation took place involving Romello and the suspects near the road. This altercation led to Romello entering the roadway attempting to avoid the fight. But he ultimately was struck by a vehicle. 

Romello was transported to the hospital by medic and later pronounced deceased by hospital staff. 

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Both suspects are charged with involuntary manslaughter.