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Amazon has confirmed that another employee in Charlotte, NC has tested positive for the Coronavirus. We now know that at least 13 Amazon employees have came down with the virus.

An Amazon employee at the CLT2 fulfillment center on Old Dowd Road Charlotte, NC has tested positive for the Coronavirus, amazon confirmed on July 10, 2020. Several Amazon employees at distribution centers and locations in or near Charlotte have been infected with the Coronavirus.

13 cases have been publicly confirmed. But there are new cases every week, Amazon employees confirmed to us. Amazon employees get text messages every time an Amazon employee gets the Coronavirus.

Amazon officials refused to release the total number of their employees who have tested positive for COVID-19. But we are well aware that the number is many!!

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Amazon has spent $4 billion dollars company wide to combat Coronavirus at their vast locations. Some of that money was spent on 350,000 face masks, 248,300 pairs of gloves, 1583 gallons of disinfectant, 1954 gallons of disinfectant cleaner, and 1300 gallons of hand sanitizer.

Amazon has released this statement concerning the most recent Coronavirus case:

“We continue to do everything we can to keep our employees safe inside our buildings. An important part of our commitment to their health and safety is also educating our employees on how they can keep themselves and their families safe in the community as well."

Amazon has 5,400 employees in Charlotte.

See below how a Whole Foods employee in Charlotte was diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Whole Foods is owned by Amazon.