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Tyler Harding, 26, and Christa Harding, 28, were arrested after a long high speed chase in Charlotte, NC on July 6, 2022. The chase involved multiple vehicles being carjacked, and several wrecks. Tyler has a felony arrest history from Texas and was new to the Charlotte area. 4 vehicles total were stolen during the pursuit.

Tyler Harding and Christa Harding

Tyler Harding and Christa Harding

The chase began in Charlotte on July 6th around noon. Tyler is accused of breaking into a house and stealing a jeep. Cops attempted a traffic stop, but Tyler allegedly kept driving at high speeds.

The suspect later switched vehicles carjacking a white truck, Christa was in the jeep and the truck with Tyler.

The chase then made its way to Interstate 77 in south Charlotte. Tyler is accused of driving into the Walmart parking lot on South Tryon Street and carjacking a female victim. The female victim was in the Walmart parking lot for a store transaction.

Tyler is accused of stealing the female victim's car, Christa gets out of the truck, Tyler gives Christa a chance to get in, but she refuses. Tyler then speeds away.

Authorities say Tyler drove on South Boulevard and on a sidewalk as police ground units and a police helicopter followed.

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The suspect is then accused of driving up and down Interstate 77. The suspect went back down to south Charlotte where he crashed out with another vehicle head on at the Ballantyne Commons Parkway and Johnston Road intersection.

Cops say Tyler then ran and tried to carjack several vehicles, but he was only able to get away with an SUV.

Once in the SUV, Tyler drove to Fairview Road near Colony Road officials say.

The SUV collided into another vehicle at the intersection of South and East boulevards. Tyler then got out and surrendered.

Tyler was arrested and charged with four counts of vehicle theft, two counts of felony hit and run, possession of stolen vehicle, felony flee to elude, burglary, and numerous traffic violations.

Christa is charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.