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Cory Neal, 25, (Left) is the second suspect to be charged with the 2014 murder of Romon Williams, 29, (Right).

Aric Adams, 25, (Bottom) was arrested for the murder less than 30 days ago on August 21, 2018.

On September 11, 2018 Cory was arrested and charged with Murder, Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon.

Cory was already in the custody of the North Carolina Department of Corrections for an unrelated case. He has been brought back to Mecklenburg County and is currently in the custody of the Mecklenburg County Jail.

Police maintain that the murder was drug related. The homicide occurred at 7100 Barrington Drive in February 2014. Romon was shot dead in an apartment. Drugs were found on the scene which indicates that the shooting was drug related, it was not a random act of violence.

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