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28-year-old Pedro Manuel Medrano died in a multi-vehicle pile up that killed 3 people total on Interstate 485 in Charlotte, NC. The deadly head on collision occurred on September 18, 2022 and involved a wrong way drunk driver.  

Pedro Manuel Medrano

Pedro Manuel Medrano

A drunk driver was driving the wrong way on Interstate 485 near University City Blvd. in a Suburban SUV at 3 a.m. Pedro was a passenger in the SUV.

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The drunk driver then collided with several vehicles head on. The crash caused multiple vehicles to catch fire. 3 people total were killed on scene from the crash, including Pedro.

The driver of the SUV Suburban was not killed, he was injured and taken to the hospital. After he is released from the hospital he will be arrested and charged with DWI and other charges related to the crash that killed the 3 people. 

The crash was near exit 33. Traffic lanes were blocked for several hours.

Pedro leaves behind a wife and two children. Pedro was from Houston, Texas, he was visiting North Carolina with friends. The other dead victims have not been identified yet.