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3-year-old Aylee Gordon was shot in the head on Christmas Day December 25, 2021 due to an accidental self inflicted gunshot in Henderson County, NC. Aylee died days later on December 28, 2021.

Aylee Gordon (Go Fund Me)

Aylee Gordon (Go Fund Me)

The girl was in her dad's truck after playing on her bike. Once Aylee entered the truck, there was a gun inside the truck that she picked up and accidentally shot herself in the head.

Aylee's father identified as Tim Gordon said he did not know the gun was inside his truck. Aylee's father is a retired Henderson County Sheriff’s Captain.

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“She picked up a pistol and shot herself in the head by accident. We didn’t know. She’s got a head wound,”

Tim Gordon said.

Aylee was airlifted to a hospital in Asheville, NC where she underwent emergency neurosurgery. But Aylee died 3 days later. No charges have been filed yet.