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Jordan Marshall, 28, Kandace Florence, 28, Courtez Hall, and Shanquella Robinson were all found dead in Mexico on October 30, 2022. All 4 people are from the United States and were on vacation.

Jordan Marshall, Kandace Florence, Courtez Hall, and Shanquella Robinson

Jordan Marshall, Kandace Florence, Courtez Hall, and Shanquella Robinson

Kandace was in Mexico celebrating her 29th birthday celebration. Her birthday would of been on November 10th.

Jordan, Kandace, and Courtez were found dead in a Mexico City Airbnb residence. Shanquella was found dead in Cabo Mexico. Shanquella was on vacation with a separate group of friends.

Jordan, Kandace, and Cortez were all on vacation together, when they suddenly began feeling ill. Kandace was on the phone with her boyfriend, when she told him that she was not feeling well and that something was not right.

The phone line then immediately disconnected. Kandace's boyfriend tried calling back and could not get a hold of her. The boyfriend even tried calling Courtez and Jordan, to no avail.

The boyfriend finally contacted the Airbnb host in Mexico and told them to do a welfare check on the trio due to safety reasons. Mexican police arrived at the Airbnb location and found the 3 people dead.

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A cause of death is still being investigated.

The U.S. Embassy officially informed the families of the deaths, days after the family already knew.

The U.S. Department of State says,

"We can confirm the recent deaths of U.S. citizens in Mexico. We are closely monitoring local authorities’ investigation into the cause of death."

Shanquella was found dead on October 30th also. Shanquella was in Cabo, Mexico when she was mysteriously found dead. Shanquella was with friends also, but they are still alive.

Her friends later made it back to the United States. A cause of death has not been ruled yet. Shanquella lived in Charlotte, NC. 

Shanquella formerly attended West Charlotte High School and she went on to attend Winston Salem State University, both schools are in North Carolina.

Shanquella was the owner of a hair braiding business that was popular with kid braiding. Shanquella also owned a women's clothing boutique store.