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On March 12, 2021 Ronald Greer, and his girlfriend, Bianca Annie Mae Stanch, were sentenced to 32 years to life for the murder of Ronald's young daughter Samiah Christine Cornell Downing, 4, in Adelanto, California. Ronald was a terrible father!!

Bianca hated her boyfriend’s 4-year-old daughter, Samia. Ronald and Bianca beat and tortured Samiah until she died.

This case started in 2012 when Samiah lived with her father Ronald and his diabolical girlfriend Bianca in an apartment in Adelanto, CA. Bianca was not the mother of Samiah. Ronald and Bianca beat Samiah daily for no reason. They also duct-taped Samiah’s wrists and ankles together on multiple occasions and left her overnight so that she could not get out to get water.

On one occasion, Samiah was able to get out to the kitchen where she drank the only liquid she could find, which was a deadly cleaning solution. Bianca beat Samiah all over her body with a belt and cords. Bianca then poured a pot of boiling water on Samiah’s back and chest.

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They also forced Samiah to stay awake in a corner for 8 hours. On the evening of her death, Samiah began acting lethargic and sleepy. She was locked inside a bedroom within the apartment while Ronald and Bianca went to dinner.

Once the adults returned to the apartment, they discovered that Samiah had died. Ronald and Bianca drove Samiah’s body to the desert and buried her.

An autopsy revealed that her cause of death was dehydration. On Tuesday, October 6, 2020, Bianca and Ronald were found guilty of first-degree murder for the death of Samiah. Additionally, they were found guilty of torturing Samiah and guilty of child abuse, with a special allegation of causing death.