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A massive shooting in Boulder, Colorado killed 6 people on March 22, 2021. An armed suspect went into the King Soopers grocery store and fired off several shots killing 6 people, including a police officer. Multiple other people were shot and injured.

The suspect entered the King Soopers grocery store dressed in tactical gear and armed with an AR-15 style weapon. The suspect who is male immediately shot multiple people. Crowds of people began screaming and running for cover. Several people were also seen exiting the grocery store.

The FBI and the ATF got involved along with a Boulder police SWAT team. A police officer was killed in the shooting by the fierce gun fire from the suspect. The suspect was shot by other officers and then arrested. He is currently seeking treatment at a Colorado hospital.

6 people total were killed, and multiple other people were shot. Sadly, more deaths may be expected from the injured victims.

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A reunification center for family members looking for unaccounted for or missing relatives has been established at the University of Colorado Event Center.

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