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18-year-old Larry Hall is charged with the attempted murder of 6 victims. Larry is accused of shooting into a vehicle with a rifle in Charlotte, NC.

Shortly after 3:45 p.m. on July 6, 2020, a shooting erupted at the Bi-Lo grocery store located at Mt Holly-Huntersville Road. A Mercedes Benz passenger vehicle had been shot into twice. The 6 victims were fortunately uninjured. 

Two victims in their early 20’s were in the Mercedes Benz when it was shot into by a suspect who then fled the scene. The damage caused by the gunshot disabled the Mercedes Benz, so 4 people began helping to make the vehicle operational. 

A suspect then returned with a rifle and shot at the 4 victims who were in and around the Mercedes Benz, striking the vehicle again.

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Officers were able to identify the suspect as Larry and began working quickly to locate him. Larry was arrested at a residence near Christian Scott Lane. Officers seized an SKS rifle, a stolen shotgun, two pistols, a large amount of marijuana, and US currency. 

Larry is charged with six counts of attempted murder.