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The Terrace Cafe of Ballantyne restaurant located at 14815 Ballantyne Village Way Charlotte, NC had roaches on their walls during a dismal health inspection where they scored a super sub par 87.50 on October 8, 2019.

This restaurant is in an affluent part of Charlotte.

During the inspection 6 medium-sized cockroaches were seen by the inspector on kitchen walls, and 1 cockroach was in the dining area. YUCK!! The inspector told the person in charge that they need to increase the frequency of pest control visits and also do more detailed cleaning in kitchen.

The Ink N Ivy restaurant in Charlotte, NC had dead roaches in their liquor room in January 2019.

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At the Terrace Cafe of Ballantyne, detailed cleaning needed to be done on floors, walls, and ceilings all throughout the kitchen, including all the equipment. The inspection noted several metal/plastic containers and bar glasses that were dirty and soiled with debris but stored as clean. The inspector saw to it that the materials were re-washed.

There was no employee present during the health inspection that was a certified food protection manager.

There were two employee drinks sitting on the prep top unit counter.