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A 7-year-old boy's dead body was discovered in a Denver, Colorado storage facility.

The Denver Police Department said officers discovered the lifeless body of Caden McWilliams, 7, in a storage unit at 5005 East Evans Avenue on December 23, 2018. The dead body was found after receiving a tip.

The boy's delinquent mother Elisha Pankey, 43, is now being charged with child abuse resulting in death. Elisha is a heroin addict, as she was arrested on December 22, 2018 for heroin possession.

In early January Elisha was arrested over child abuse resulting in death.

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The storage facility is located near where Elisha previously lived with her sister and her son. Elisha was evicted early last year after she failed to cover rent. 

The medical examiner has been tasked with identifying the cause and manner of the child’s death.