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On June 14, 2019 Hubert Clodfelter, 85, was found dead under his house in trash bags wrapped with duct tape in South Carolina. Hubert's wife 74-year-old Irene Clodfelter has been arrested in relation to Hubert's murder.

Hubert was reported missing back in March 2019 by his daughter, who says she hadn't heard from him in two years.

When Georgetown County deputies spoke with Irene, she told them she hadn't seen her husband since March.

Hubert's daughters said they found their father's body inside a trash bag wrapped in duct tape on June 14.

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On June 16, Irene was arrested and charged in Georgetown County on two counts of obstruction of justice, then again in Horry County on one count each of accessory after the fact to murder and desecration of human remains.

Irene said her son killed her husband. However, the son is also dead.

During the investigation into her husband's disappearance, the warrants allege "the defendant continued to receive money from the victim's businesses that she used to support her lifestyle."

The warrant reads that Irene gave a post-Miranda confession to the concealment of the crime and desecration of the body.