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Nine people were arrested on March 25, 2021 in Fayetteville, GA in connection to a human trafficking operation at a Holiday Inn Express. The Coronavirus pandemic and prostitution do not go well together.

Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the prostitution sting that resulted in the arrests. Women and men allegedly made deals for sex and oral sex with undercover officers. Once the deal was made, the suspects were arrested.

The following suspects were arrested, charged, and transported to the Fayette County Jail:

Anthony Blackmon, 43, charged with Prostitution and two counts of ID Fraud; Hanrietta Haney, 45, charged with Prostitution; Satieria Sims, 48, charged with Prostitution; Margaret Hamby, 27, charged with Prostitution; Lawrence Youch, 44, charged with Pimping; Melisha Davis, 25, charged with Prostitution; Tabitha Parham, 33, charged with Prostitution; Shamorris Wright, 21, charged with Prostitution; Nation Gohlester-Jackson, 19, charged with Prostitution.

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Fayetteville Police Chief Scott Gray released this statement regarding the prostitution sting:

"These human trafficking arrests took place at the Holiday Inn Express on Highway 54 West in Fayetteville. We are grateful to the hotel management, who cooperated with our agencies as we carried out the operation. We are all committed to the cause of ending human trafficking and keeping our community safe."

A Brazilian woman was arrested during a prostitution sting at a LaQuinta Inn, the women was identified as Karolyne Gomez.