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The 9 Spices Indian Cuisine restaurant earned a 80.50 B score during a health inspection on July 15, 2020. The 9 Spices Indian Cuisine restaurant is located at 8145 Ardrey Kell Rd. Charlotte, NC.

Sufficient hot water was not available to meet demands of the facility. So, the restaurant was closed until appropriate hot water could be established.

There were no managers with food safety certification during the inspection. Multiple food borne illness risk factors were noted during the inspection, including employee hand washing violations, cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces, and employee training regarding reporting requirements.

There was no employee health policy found during the inspection. Also, employees were unable to explain the illnesses and symptoms they are required to report. An employee was seen handling dirty wiping cloths and then returning to food handling duties without washing their hands.

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The inspector observed multiple utensils and pieces of equipment that were stored as clean but had food residue on them including knives, plastic food pans, the can opener, trays, and bowls.

Employee beverages were on prep tables and tops of equipment in the kitchen. Employee beverages should be stored away from food and food contact surfaces.

There were several foods being stored at unsafe temperatures, the food was thrown away, the discarded food included: chicken biryani, goat biryani, shredded cheese, and cooked noodles.

Multiple large tubs of various biryanis containing chicken, goat, or cooked vegetables had no time marking labels on them. During the inspection raw chicken was stored above raw tomatoes in the walk in cooler. Raw animal products are not suppose to be stored on top of ready to eat foods due to cross contamination.