Charlotte Alerts

The Coronavirus is out of control. 9 TSA agents in Charlotte have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus

There now have been 9 Transportation Security Administration agents at Charlotte Douglas International Airport who have tested positive for the Coronavirus in Charlotte, NC.

On July 10, 2020 a TSA screening officer at Charlotte Douglas International Airport tested positive for COVID-19. The agent last worked from noon to 8:30 p.m. Sunday July 5 in the A Checkpoint area.

Another Charlotte TSA screening officer tested positive for the Coronavirus earlier in the week, which we reported on.

Most of the TSA agents who have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Charlotte airport were screening officers, so they touched and had close contact with luggage etc.

Overall, the TSA has had 1,033 employees test positive for COVID-19. Unfortunately 6 TSA agents have died from the virus.

TSA official Sari Koshetz released this statement after the most recent cases:

All of our TSA officers continue to wear masks and gloves at all times while interacting with the public, which they have done since early in the pandemic. They also wear face shields or goggles if they are not directly behind a Plexiglas shield when working with the public. Charlotte Douglas International Airport also requires all passengers to wear masks.