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Customers are always taking a risk when they go out to eat at restaurants anywhere, because you never know how clean the people are handling your food.

A Wendy's fast food restaurant in Mint Hill, NC got a whopping 86.50 Health Inspection score. In case you didn't know, that is not good!

A Mecklenburg County health and safety inspector inspected the Wendys on June 21, 2019 located at 6849 Matthews Mint Hill Road.

So what could of been done that was so bad for Wendy's to get such a low score, so glad you asked!

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First of all flies were in the kitchen and ants were in the dining room.

The on duty person in charge didn't even have food protection certification. An employee was observed dispensing raw food with bare hands and then working with ready to eat foods without washing hands. Cashiers were seen handling money and card payments and then plating food without washing their hands. That was a major deduction.

Employees were wearing painted artificial fingernails and failed to wear gloves when handling ready to eat foods. Bare hand contact was made with cooked fries. It is not a good look when people touch your food with no gloves.

There was buildup around the soda nozzle in the dining room. Cut lettuce and tomatoes were seen in over stacked pans in the walk in cooler.

Bacon and lettuce were stored directly on the floor in the walk in cooler. There was also standing water buildup in the front counter prep units. An employee even had their cell phone on a prep table.