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Kierra Stone-Gonzalez, 23, was found dead at her apartment in Newburg, Kentucky on September 21, 2022. Her 2-year-old baby was sitting next to her alive.

Kierra Stone-Gonzalez

Kierra Stone-Gonzalez

Kierra's mother had been calling her daughter for days with no answer. Finally on September 21st Kierra's mother drove to Kierra's apartment to ensure she was okay.

Kierra's mother got to the apartment and the door was unlocked, she went inside and found Kierra's dead body. Kierra was shot in the head and her hands were purple, cold to the touch.

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Kierra's 2-year-old baby was sitting next to her mommy. Police determined Kierra had been dead for 3 days. Mysteriously, the baby had a clean diaper and no defecation or potty stains.

So, someone was in the apartment caring for the baby while Kierra was dead. This case has been classified as a murder, no arrests have been made.