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An Amazon employee is accused of taking $4,000 worth of customers' items and gift cards then shipping empty boxes to the customers.

Elvis Soto, 20, took items including several iPhone cases, screen protectors, eyebrow pomade, gift cards, and a toy pony, while he worked at an Amazon fulfillment center in Orlando, FL; according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Soto's job was to pack items for shipping, but instead he stole customer goods from the packaging line.

An employee became suspicious when gift cards were redeemed six hours after they were issued. Soto was linked to multiple suspicious redemptions. Soto told investigators he would keep the items he wanted and then send out empty boxes to the real customers.

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Soto was arrested Tuesday and charged with felony third-degree grand theft.

Amazon said it reimbursed customers who received empty packages. The company also said that Soto was fired.