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On June 15, 2021 an American Deli restaurant scored an 85 B during a food safety inspection. The American Deli is located at 5430 North Tryon St. Charlotte, NC. 

There was no certified food protection manager on site during the health inspection. 

 An employee's drink was above customer food in the walk in cooler. An American Deli employee was seen touching a raw chicken bag and then go to prep food without washing their hands.

A can of spray paint was sitting on top of canned food. There was even raw chicken sitting on the floor. 

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A food employee was seen with no hair restraint covering on.   

American Deli has had other bad food safety scores too. The American Deli restaurant on Beatties Ford Rd. received an 87.50 health score during a inspection.

An American Deli had flying insects and an 86 health score, that American Deli was on Wilkinson Blvd.