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On October 13, 2021 an American Deli restaurant scored an 89.50 B grade on a food safety inspection. The American Deli is located at 7309 East Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC.

Several American Deli staff members were unaware of the 6 reportable illnesses, symptoms, and the reporting requirements for such.

Watch video of a bug in a kid's food that was purchased from another American Deli in Charlotte.

 The inspector had to take all the American Deli employees on shift to the appropriate poster and review the health safety documents in English and Spanish.

A food employee, twice, handled a raw beef patty with gloved hands and then replaced the gloves without washing their hands, and attempting to handle ready-to-eat food items. The inspector stopped the employee and ordered that they wash their hands.

The inspector had a discussion with the American Deli employee on proper hand washing.

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The employee then properly washed their hands. There was a black growth on the enclosed ice catch plate/baffle inside the ice machine.

Sliced ham, sliced turkey, American and cheddar cheese, and sliced tomatoes were all in the prep top unit cold holding at unsafe temperatures above 41F.

The inspector observed 3 American Deli food employees handling food without hair restraints.

Flying insects were inside an American Deli restaurant during an inspection.

An American Deli employee at another location was seen touching a raw chicken bag and then go to prep food without washing their hands.

The on-duty person in charge at an west Charlotte American Deli restaurant was seen preparing food without wearing a hair restraint.