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The 7309 East Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC American Deli scored an horrendous 86 B on a food safety inspection on June 30, 2022. The manager's certified food protection credentials were expired.

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The inspector observed a microwave oven with food debris accumulation and living insects inside. Watch video of a bug in a kid's food that was purchased from an American Deli in Charlotte.

The following foods were held at unsafe temperatures above 41F and had to be thrown away: raw chicken wings, shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, shredded cheese, sliced american cheese, swiss cheese, ham, turkey, cooked corn beef flounder, and tilapia.

Cut lettuce was in a five gallon container without a date label, the inspector had the lettuce discarded.

An employee tooth brush and toothpaste were stored on a cart next to the hand wash sink. The inspector demanded that the items be removed.

There were several bottles of dressings and sauces that were not in the original containers and didn't have labels.

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An American Deli food handler came to the restaurant and began working at the griddle preparing food without wearing a hair net.

The ice scoop handle stored in the ice machine was directly touching the ice. The ice scoop handle is dirty as hands touch it, and contamination could spread when the handle touches clean ice. 

In fact, the same American Deli had a dirty ice machine in a 2021 inspection in which they received another B grade.

The American Deli on Wilkinson Blvd. received an 86 B score due to no hand washing in 2019. 

The American Deli on North Tryon Street earned an B score in 2021.

The American Deli on Beatties Ford Rd. previously earned an 87.50 B score during an inspection.