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The American Deli restaurant located at 2004 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte, NC received an 87.50 health score during a inspection on November 26, 2019.

American Delis are not strangers to poor health scores either. In August 2019 a score of 86 was handed down to the American Deli on Wilkinson Blvd.

The inspection at the Beatties Ford Rd location observed that the person in charge during the inspection was not certified as a food safety manager. By law, the person in charge is suppose to demonstrate knowledge by being a certified food protection manager.

The on-duty person in charge was seen preparing food without wearing a hair restraint.

There were bags of sugar stored on the floor.

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An American Deli cook handled raw steak with gloved hands and continued working at the grill without washing hands and changing gloves. The cook then changed gloves without washing hands between the change. The inspector told the cook to wash hands and put on new gloves.

The hot water at a restroom hand sink only stayed on for 2-3 seconds.

Raw chicken and raw steak were stored in the upright freezer over french fries.

There was an opened package of hot dogs and a container of chili without date marks, per the inspectors instruction, the food was discarded.

The inspection noted food debris build-up inside the coolers/freezer.

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