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The Anzi Pizzeria & Pasta scored a terrible B health score of 85.50 during a July 13, 2020 health inspection. The Anzi Pizzeria & Pasta is located at 8133 Ardrey Kell Road Charlotte, NC, which is a rather ritzy area. The ice machine had a disgusting organic buildup on an internal plate. There was even expired milk that was open and partially used.

Multiple food borne illness risk factor violations were noted during the health inspection, including:

Repeated instances of no hand washing or improper hand washing.

Inadequate training and monitoring of employee behaviors regarding various food borne illness risk factors noted during inspection.

The manager as part of their duties is responsible for ensuring employees are trained and following proper procedures. The implementation of training and procedures for items noted on the inspection including hand washing, glove usage, date marking and disposition, and TPHC is expected immediately.

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The inspector saw an Anzi Pizzeria & Pasta employee wiping down counter tops with a dirty wiping cloth and not wash their hands before returning to prep food.

The manager directed the employee to wash hands after using soiled cloths. The same employee was later observed again using a dirty cloth to wipe their hands off and then wipe down equipment with no hand washing before returning to prep food.

The manager again directed the employee to wash hands after using wiping cloths. Employee training and procedures regarding hand washing need to be implemented by management.

The manager is suppose to ensure rules for food safety and handling are met. The following foods were all found cooling at unsafe temperatures and had to be thrown away: cut lettuce, cut tomato, feta cheese, and rice stuffed grape leaves.

The inspector observed raw shell eggs stored on a shelf directly above bell peppers; and raw chicken stored on top of dough in the walk in cooler. The can opener had food debris buildup on the blade, the mechanism, and mount.

The cooked rice, cooked chicken, cut lettuce, prepared lasagna, and house made marinara sauce had no date markings or expiration dates in the walk in and reach in coolers. The handle of a scoop was submerged in marinara sauce. The handle should be kept out of the marinara sauce to avoid germs and contamination, as hands touch it frequently.