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On August 12, 2021 an 88 B score was handed down to an Applebee's restaurant during a food safety inspection. The Applebee's is on 10921 Carolina Place Pkwy Pineville, NC. 

Ribs had to be thrown away due to them being cold held at unsafe temperatures above 41F. The inspector saw a employee eating a sandwich on the cook line during the inspection.  

A newborn baby was found dead inside a bathroom trash can at another Applebee's location. 

An Applebee's employee was seen touching his/her phone to turn off music and then continue food handling without washing hands or changing gloves. The inspector intervened and the employee washed their hands and changed gloves.

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Gnats, mosquitos, and flies were present throughout the Applebee's restaurant. A dead insect was on the floor in the walk in cooler.  

Another employee touched the trash can in front of the inspector and then proceeded with a food task without changing gloves. There were soiled sizzle pans being stored in the clean area. Also, in the utensil storage area, bulk metal containers were soiled.

Cleaning needed to be done to the floors in the walk in cooler, walk in freezer, and the kitchen. Mildew was on the walls by the dish machine. There was an uncovered ice bin in the bar area.   

A employee with artificial nails on was seen handling ice, dressings, and adding sides to plates. State law prohibits restaurant employees from wearing fingernail polish or artificial fingernails when working with exposed food. 

The inspector observed that there were no beard guards being worn by employees.