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Best Asian Massage located at 4614 Wilgrove Mint Hill Rd. had a female worker that purposefully massaged an undercover officer's genitals, even after the cop told her no.

56-year-old Yaunlin Liu (Left) and Zheny Guo, 55, (Right) were both arrested on Monday.

On May 7, 2018 police met with the North Carolina Massage and Bodywork Board about a complaint concerning Best Asian Massage employees operating without a license and performing sexual acts for additional money. So cops made an 2pm appointment at Best Asian Massage.

An undercover officer entered the business and received a massage by a woman who said her name was Wendy, that turned out to be false, because her real name was Yaunlin Liu, as seen in the arrest photo.

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After the massage "Wendy" pointed to the cop's penis and asked, "You do", the cop responded 'You", Yaunlin then replied, "No you do".

The undercover cop then made it clear to Yaunlin that he didn't want an erotic message. Yaunlin then began caressing the cop's thighs, abdomen, and then lightly massaged his genital area for the purpose of arousal. The cop immediately ended the session, got up, got dressed, and left.

More cops then moved in to confront Yaunlin. Yaunlin contacted her boss identified as Zheny Guo. Zheny stated that he had a license to perform massages but his employee Yaunlin did not have a massage license.

Both suspects where then arrested on Massaging without a License and Health Law violations.