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Ruijuan Guo, 33, was shot and killed on September 9, 2016 on East Park Avenue Charlotte, NC.

Her friend Joe Fuqua was killed days later.

In November 2019 Keric Watt, 34, Cecil Marble, 39, and Michael Marble, 36, were all charged with Ruijuan's murder.

Ruijuan was a school teacher who was in the United States to teach Mandarin to elementary students in Union County. Ruijuan previously lived in China.

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During the evening of September 9, 2016, a robbery escalated when one of the suspects shot Ruijuan.

Ruijuan was pronounced deceased 5 days later at Carolinas Medical Center in the presence of her family. Joe Fuqua, who was with Ruijuan at the time of the robbery, was found murdered on September 12, 2016.