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Several people were arrested for driving in a group of 70 dirt bikes and ATV's throughout Charlotte during NBA All-Star Weekend 2019.

Steven Arruda, 24, Christian Camacho, 26, and Tyler Camacho, 20, were the only ones that were caught and arrested.

The group was speeding and driving recklessly.

On February 16 officials received numerous calls from the community reporting approximately 70 dirt bikes and ATV’s that were being operated on the streets of Charlotte.

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Some of the locations where the dirt bikes and ATV’s traveled were Barrington Drive, Morehead Street, Freedom Drive, Wilkinson Boulevard, Statesville Road, Peachtree Road, Gibbon Road, Nevin Road and Oakdale Road, as well as the streets around South Park Mall.

The Real Time Crime Center (RTCC), Aviation Unit, Civil Emergency Unit (CEU), Rapid Response Unit, and Dual Sports Units began working together to address the issues.

Several operators of the dirt bikes and ATV’s were located and apprehended near Oakdale Road.