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On January 16, 2023 six people were shot and killed in Goshen, California. Among the dead was 16-year-old Alissa Parraz and her 10-month-old baby Nycholas Parraz. Also murdered were 72-year-old Rosa Parraz, 52-year-old Eladio Parraz Jr., 50-year-old Jennifer Analla, and 19-year-old Marcos Parraz. The victims were family members. 

Dead victims

Dead victims

The shooting was on Monday morning at 4:00. 2 men came to the home where all the victims were at and began shooting from outside through the house. Alissa tried to run outside with her baby in the back yard but she and the baby were shot and killed.

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The shooters stood over the top of the mother and baby while firing rounds into their heads.

The body of a third victim was located in the door way of the home, the grandmother Rosa was shot and killed while she was sleeping in her bed.

2 survivors made it to an outside trailer and called police. California police say the murders were tied to gangs and drugs.

The suspects fled the scene and have not been arrested.